The Festival accept narrative and short films in all genres and categories.
Santa Cruz Independent Film Festival

Welcome to the Santa Cruz Independent Film Festival page. This is an online event for the film.

This online event is a platform motivated by the predominant position of California in matters of art and culture. The region possesses a rich heritage and a large film community. The region has often been a locale for Hollywood productions and television programming. With this in mind, we accept films from all over the world, from American filmmakers and international ones. The main criterion for participating in the event is artistic criteria and merits.
The above program will be held bi-annually. The festival believes that many artistic endeavours and projects are produced in today’s world, and many of these projects want to know their outcome as soon as possible. Therefore, this structure allows the filmmaker to be informed of his work’s result in the shortest time possible and will enable him to provide a more suitable and timely platform for advertising and promoting the film. The festival is held in the form of an online award event, which means that the works are reviewed and evaluated privately by the jury, and finally, the jury announces the best result. Once a year, a few selected projects will be chosen from all selected movies and broadcast online.

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Santa Cruz Independent Film Festival

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